Tips for Providing Short-Term Bike Parking

APBP Guidelines Help when Designing Bike Parking

Your organization has decided to provide bike parking to encourage healthy, active communities. Location, security, quantity, and design are a few of the considerations to take into account. Where to begin?

Vintage Bike U-Rack, Grand Rapids Public Library

Fortunately, the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) provides guidelines for anyone planning to purchase or install bike parking fixtures. Following their advice for short and long-term bicycle parking will help ensure your investment gets maximum utilization for years to come.

APBP’s Bicycle Parking Guidelines provide recommendations for determining an adequate number of parking spaces by site use. Actual demand can be greater than you think, as interest tends to grow once quality parking is made available.

Tips for Providing Short-Term Bike Parking

Short-term bike parking is typically found in front of retail and institutional buildings, for visits lasting up to two hours. In most cases, short-term parking users are infrequent visitors to the location, so the best parking installations should be visible and readily accessible.

The APBP recommends that short-term bike parking be located within 50’ of the building entrance. Close proximity, with visibility both from the destination and to the general public, helps assure ease of use and security. In locations where bicycle theft is a particular concern, security features such as high quality racks, tamper-proof mounting techniques, or active surveillance may be appropriate. Selecting a bike rack that is manufactured of heavy duty pipe is preferred, CycleSafe utilizes 1-½” sch.40 pipe (1.50” I.D.).

For greater short-term security, choose a bike rack that secures both the wheel and the frame. For an added measure of security, CycleSafe U-Racks can be specified with a crossbar to deter the ability to force a bike to the ground and be removed.

CycleSafe offers a wide variety of bike racks that provide security, stability, and stylish design. Single bike or multi-bike rack options are available in permanent or portable configurations to meet seasonal or activity needs. Racks are available in a variety of designs to match the aesthetics of the destination or streetscape.

Classic Bike U-Rack with Custom Branding

In locations with limited sidewalk space and strong bicycle activity, bike corrals can be located on sidewalks or on-street as a replacement to a car parking space. CycleSafe bike corrals can accommodate 4-8 bikes per five-foot section, and can be placed at 45º angles to increase pathways between pedestrian or traffic lanes.

Bicycle shelters can be combined with bike racks to meet the needs of on-demand, mid level security with covered protection from the elements. These units are modular and can be placed in rows or stand alone and can incorporate side walls and graphics for promotional purposes.

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