APBP; Short-Term Bike Parking Guidelines

Short Term Bike Parking

What is considered short-term bike parking?

As defined by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professional (APBP) Essentials of Bike Parking guide; short-term bicycle parking “is designed to meet the needs of people visiting business or institutions, and others with similar needs — typically lasting up to two hours”.

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Short Term Bike Parking

What do I need to consider so that I have a successful parking location?

Short-term bike parking needs to be convenient and easy to use. Your considerations should include the following:

  1. Supports bike upright without putting stress on wheels
  2. Accommodates a variety of bicycles and attachments
  3. Allows locking of frame and at least one wheel with a U-lock
  4. Provides security and longevity features appropriate for the intended location
  5. Rack use is intuitive

What is the most commonly chosen rack?

The standard rack in the industry every cyclist is familiar with is the Inverted U Rack. There are a multitude of bike u-rack customization options that allow them to seamlessly fit into any streetscape, while meeting the 5 best practices for short-term bike parking. The Inverted U Rack accommodates two bikes per rack, allowing the same amount of bikes to fit in a smaller footprint than other low-quality designs.

Next week we’ll dive into more rack styles that provide different solutions to bike parking.