APBP; Bike Locker Guidelines

Bike Lockers and APBP Standards

Long-term bike parking is typically designed for employees, residents, public transportation riders, and others who leave their bicycles unattended for several hours or longer. The best long-term bike parking provides security and weather protection. Such parking can take a variety of forms, from an indoor room to an enclosure in a parking garage, to a cluster of outdoor bike lockers or bike shelters. Some long-term parking is designed to be available to the public, while in other cases, parking on private property with limited access is more appropriate.

While short-term bicycle parking benefits from visibility, long-term parking users value security and weather protection above all. A variety of bike types and trailers may need to be accommodated. By making room for an adequate number and types of bicycles, bike parking encourages riding and helps deter users from leaving bikes in less desirable places.

It can be a challenge to find enough secure, sheltered space to provide adequate bike parking. Fortunately there are a number of creative solutions on the market. CycleSafe lockers and shelters are available in a wide variety of configurations that provide the weather protection and security recommended by the APBP. The security depends on the engineering of the frame, wall panels, and lock mechanism. CycleSafe’s fiberglass SMC panels and frame give you the most durable and vandal-proof locker on the market.

CycleSafe ProPark Bike Locker, Custom White

Each CycleSafe bike locker includes a diagonal partition that forms two space-efficient triangular stalls that secure one bike per door (lockers come standard with a door on each end). Bike lockers are specified as standalone starter units, and can be extended into locker banks with additional units. For more on how our expandable system works see the guide to our modular bike locker. Need assistance with your bike locker layout? Check out our ProPark locker selection matrix or our Bike Parking Layout and Design Dimensions.

Lock Options Available:

Standard Locks

  • T-Handle, Keyed: Standard on all CycleSafe bike lockers. T-handle pops out when unlocked. Three keys supplied. Removable vending-type lock cylinder. Full-length stainless steel channel engages for locking.
  • Swing-Handle: Stainless steel swing handle allows the lockers to be used on a first-come, first-served basis. Cyclists secure bikes in the locker with their own padlock or U-lock. For 3/8” maximum diameter padlock or 5/8” maximum diameter U-lock. Full-length stainless steel channel engages for locking. Lock not included.

Bike Locker Lock Options

Keyless Lock Upgrades

  • Cellular Bluetooth Access: Secure bicycle parking with a smartphone. Includes bike locker management app. T-handle pops out when unlocked.
  • Keypad: Programmable push button keypad with keyed access.
  • Keypad + WiFi: Battery operated remote access via WiFi. Keycode operated. With mechanical key override. Interior exit handle.
  • Keypad + WiFi + RFID: Includes RFID proximity card or fob reader. Battery-operated remote access via WiFi. Keycode operated with mechanical key override. Interior exit handle.

Bike Locker Lock Options

CycleSafe can help ensure you make the most out of your bike parking investment. For more information about short- and long-term bike parking guidelines visit apbp.org.