Innovations in Bike Parking Encourage More Cyclists

More people on bikes is a good thing, right? Well, bike advocates know that certain key pieces are particularly effective in encouraging more people to take up cycling. In addition to educational programs for cyclists and drivers alike and installing more bike lanes, secure bicycle parking is an important element to offer the cyclist peace of mind and encourage more frequent biking. Recent innovations in secure bicycle parking options are helping drive forward this movement towards healthy, sustainable communities.

ProPark Bike Locker, Santa Fe Rail Station

Bicycle Lockers provide the highest level of security, protecting bikes against theft and the elements while also providing a convenient place to storing cyclists’ gear. Bicycle lockers can be rented or else assigned in advance and provided on an ongoing basis, which is particularly handy for promoting regular bike commuting.

Each bike locker occupies a space of about 42″ x 78″ which can be reduced with modular stacking bike storage. Bicycle lockers are designed to fit one or two bikes per door, with options for one sided or two sided access. Access aisles need to accommodate the cyclist and door opening; six foot aisle width is recommended. Bicycle locker material and locks are crucial to dependability, high security locks and compression molded composite (SMC) is recommended over fiberglass or metal lockers for lower maintenance and durability. CycleSafe bicycle lockers can be furnished with side display panels for wayfinding, marketing or revenue generation and storage bins for cyclist gear.

For further information on developing a bike parking program, refer to the guide Planning Bike Parking Facilities.

Bike Rooms are becoming increasingly popular for indoor storage in parking garages or unused building spaces. These can include vertical bike parking for space efficiency or high density racks to maximize available space to store more bikes. For examples of bike room layouts, refer to CycleSafe’s Bike Room Layout guide for ideas.

Many store owners like to see cyclists, since a whole bunch of bikes can fit in just one car space, dramatically increasing foot traffic in commercial zones. New trends in cycle parking take advantage of this, using Bike Corrals or Bike Stalls to transform sidewalks or on-street car parking into bike parking spaces. These corrals or bike stalls can be installed permanently or mounted on channel rails that allow removal during the off-season.

Bike Shelters provide covered bike parking to meet the needs of on-demand, mid-level security combined with bicycle racks. Side and back panels can be specified for further protection or to include promotional graphics or wayfinding messages. Bike shelters are a good solution for short term use, can provide some weather protection and offer a higher visibility for storing and organizing bikes.

Bike Racks are the most common bike parking device and many people utilize them for short-term bike parking. Naturally, there are many kinds to choose from, but for greater security when using a bike rack, chose one that secures both the bike frame and wheel . The classic U Rack is most recommended with a crossbar to eliminate the ability to force the bike to the ground and remove with a pipe cutter.

If you are selecting a bike rack for installation at your place of business, one manufactured with heavy-duty tubing (not pipe) is preferred for durability, as is one utilizing a high quality finish such as a rubberized Plastisol coating or TGIC powder coat. The classic U Rack is widely regarded as the standard for space efficiency and bicycle protection.