Reduce Your Parking Lot Footprint with Bike Lockers

Bike Locker vs Car Parking Spot Footprint

The Parking Lot Diet

More companies are providing secure bike parking for their employees. Biking to work promotes alternative transportation and an active lifestyle for healthy employees.

Parking lots can be smaller, or fit more commuters, if bike lockers are provided.

Space Required for 120 Cars vs 120 Bikes

Shown above, replacing 120 car parking spaces, are six ProPark Double-Tier bike locker banks, each with the storage capacity for 20 bikes. The CycleSafe modular bike parking system can be configured to securely park as many bikes as your program requires.

120 car commuters need about 40,000 square feet of parking, including access lanes. 120 bike commuters can use less than 1,800 square feet of parking, including access lanes. The parking footprint of 120 bikes in secure, double-tier bike locker banks uses the parking footprint of about only six cars!

A single car parking spot uses about 160 square feet. The square footage used by a bike in a single-tier bike locker is about 10 square feet — and about half that, 5 square feet, in a double-tier bike locker.

Shown below is a typical CycleSafe¬ģ Double-Tier bike locker bank. The configuration of this bike locker bank has the storage capacity of 20 bikes — 10 on each side.


CycleSafe ProPark Double-Tier Bike Locker Bank, Parking for 20 Bikes


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