CycleSafe Vintage Bike Rack Corral a Hit in Redondo Beach

California’s South Bay Bicycle Master Plan covers seven South Bay cities, including Redondo Beach. The city was the first to begin implementing the plan, by installing a bike corral using CycleSafe Vintage Bike Racks. These bike corrals provide short-term bicycle parking and are the perfect complement to urban planners’ historic streetscapes or urban enhancements.

Bike Corral in Redondo Beach, California

The Redondo Beach bike rack corral replaces a “red zone,” where cars were not permitted to park, and adds space for 16 bikes. In its simplest form, a bike corral takes a single car parking space and retrofits it to become parking for 10 or more bikes. Bike corrals free up pedestrian space creating active, livable sidewalks that encourage local businesses. Bike corrals also help eliminate pollution by replacing cars with zero-emission bicycles while promoting healthier lifestyles and sustainable communities.

For an update on the Redondo Beach bike corral, check out this piece from the “Flying Pigeon.”